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Form - C


(See rule 6)

No. -/SEZ

Government of India

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Department of Commerce

(SEZ Section)


Dated the





Subject: - Proposal for providing infrastructure facilities in Special

Economic Zone at _______________

Reference: - Your proposal/s No. __________ dated __________


With reference to your above mentioned application Government of India is pleased to approve your

proposal as Co-Developer for providing infrastructure facilities in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at Village-

________________, District- ____________ in the State of _______________ as per the details given below:

(1) Name of the Co-Developer __________________________________

(2) Details of infrastructural facilities proposed to be provided : ______

2. Your Agreement dated __________ entered into with the Developer/s of the aforestated Special Economic

Zone for providing of infrastructure facilities or to undertake any authorised operations shall form part of this


3. General Conditions:-

(i) The Co-developer shall provide infrastructure facilities in the ---------------Special Economic

Zone in terms of the Special Economic Zones Act, 2005 and the rules and the orders made thereunder.

(ii) The Co-developer shall execute Bond-cum-Legal Undertaking as required under the Special

Economic Zone Rules, 2006 for the authorised operations.

(iii) The Co-developer shall obtain the required approval from various statutory authorities under

relevant statutes and regulations of the Government of India and the State Government and local


(iv) The project shall be implemented and operated in terms of the Special Economic Zones Act,

2005 and the rules and orders made there-under.

(v) The Co-developer shall conform to environmental requirements.

(vi) The Co-developer shall abide by the local laws, rules, regulations or bye-laws in regard to area

planning, sewerage disposal, pollution control, labour laws and the like as may be locally


(vii) The Co-developer shall raise the required funds for the facilities being created.. External

commercial borrowing, if any, will be as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance,

Department of Economic Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi.

(viii) This approval is valid for a period of three years within which time the Co-developer shall create

the approved facilities. The progress of implementation will be submitted to Government of

India every six months.

(ix) This approval is liable to be suspended in case of violation of any of the terms and conditions

stipulated herein.

(x) The operation and maintenance of the facilities will be made as per the standards specified in the

proposal and to the satisfaction of the users.

(xi) The Co-developer shall maintain adequate manpower to provide the facilities.

(xii) The user charges will be finalized in consultation with the Development Commissioner and the

users. This shall be subject to revision as per the agreed terms.

(xiii) The Co-developer shall obtain the approval of Board for specific activities proposed to be

undertaken for development, operation and maintenance of Special Economic Zone. Based on

the activities approved by the Board, the Co-developer shall be entitled for duty free import or

domestic procurement of goods for the approved activities after the Special Economic Zone has

been notified.

(xiv) The authorized operations shall be carried out in terms of the parameters laid down in the

Special Economic Zones Act, 2005 and the rules and orders made there-under and in accordance

with the proposal approved herein.

(xv) No duty free goods shall be available for personal use of, or consumption by officials, workers,

staff or owners of the Unit or Developer.

(xvi) Normally, no extension of validity period of three years for implementation will be considered.

Any request, however, may be considered by the Board, on merits. Such request shall be

submitted to the Government six months before expiry of the approval period.

4. This approval shall be also subject to other conditions as approved by the Board as given in the Annexure

to this letter.

5. The Co-developer may convey acceptance of all the terms and conditions indicated above within thirty days

from the date of issue of this letter. All future correspondence may be addressed to the Deputy Secretary (SEZ),

Department of Commerce, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi-11.

6. The Co-developer shall furnish to the Development Commissioner, ----------- Special Economic Zone returns

on import, procurement and utilization of goods, as provided for under the Special Economic Zone Rules, 2006.

Yours faithfully,

Deputy Secretary/Director

Department of Commerce


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